Tianjin Intra Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 by several specialists and experts in aquaculture feed. The company is situated in Tianjin, near Bohai Bay of China, the center of Chinese rotifer, brine shrimp and bloodworm farming industry.

We are a specialized supplier of frozen, freeze dried, and sun dried foods for larval cultures (shrimp, fish and crab in aquaculture) and aquarium ornamental fishes, including Artemia biomass (brine shrimps), rotifers (Brachionus), bloodworms, Copepods (Cyclops), Acetes, Mysis, Daphnia, Moina, Tubifex, Gammarus and small shrimps in the packs of 5 kg blocks, 1 kg plates, 500g plates, 100g blisters and 100g chocolates.

The products have been exported to Ecuador, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, UK and other countries. We always do our best to keep the quality good, and think the demand of customers is the first.

Tianjin Intra Technologies Co., Ltd.
Sanjintuo Village, Yingcheng Town, Hangu District, Tianjin, China
Tel: +86-22-2369-1856 Fax: +86-22-2366-0807
Email: info@intra-feed.com